Saturday, May 9, 2015

Here a chick...there a chick...

Over the last 21 days we have been diligently watching and waiting to experience the miracle of life.  We have learned many things as we waited patiently...for the eggs to hatch.  

We have learned...
1.  Waiting is very hard.
2.  Life cycles are never ending.
3. The eggs must be turned an odd number of times a day.
4.  The optimal temperature of the incubator is 99.5 degrees.
5.  Did I mention waiting is very hard?

But wait we did and on the 20th day we were pleasantly surprised when Uno made his or her arrival.  (It's still way too early to determine if the chick is a rooster or hen.)

But wait, didn't we learn that the eggs take 21 days to hatch?  I guess Uno forgot to read the "chick hatching" manual!  Surely the other eggs will wait until the kids come to school on Monday, right?

Guess I was wrong!  Meet Flick!  The little chicks continued to hatch overnight and into Monday morning.  Luckily a few waited for the students!  

We continued to learn after the 21 days:
1.  Not all of our 48 eggs will hatch. (15 hatched)
2.  Not all of the hatched chicks will live. 
3.  Different eggs will contain different chicks.
4.  The miracle of life is amazing.
5.  The wait IS worth it!!!

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